The yearly Master in Communication of Science and Sustainable Innovation (MaCSIS) is structured in more than 400 hours of lectures, practical exercises, ICTs and multimedia labs. Students are periodically involved in planning and carrying out public thematic days with the collaboration of the teaching staff, the media partners, and the participation of external guests. (Related documents and videos in Eventi)

The curriculum of the Master ends with an internship in private and public companies, Italian and international institutions, ONG, cultural and media industries, industrial districts, scientific parks, and passing a final proof, obtaining 60 credits ECTS.

MaCSIS aims at training communicators capable of interpreting different needs and promoting communication among diverse actors of innovation, contributing to the diffusion of scientific culture, innovation and sustainability, to the development of a socially sustainable innovation and to the promotion of a new citizenship within the knowledge society.

MaCSIS Center

The interuniversity MaCSIS Research Center, in collaboration with the University of Pavia, aims at promoting science communication research in the knowledge society and at experimenting it within university’s third mission. The Center fosters cooperation and scientific exchange among Italian and international scientists and experts on the field.

The main research areas of the Center are:

a) scientific communication and university’s third mission

b) sociology and history of science and innovation

c) culture, art and science relationships

d) the thematic area of ‘science and society’ in its whole.

The Center cooperates with public and private institutions, having similar activities and areas of interest. Moreover, it organizes seminars, international meetings and other third mission activities, interdisciplinary and international research initiatives, study and debate days, even for public communication, and publishing ventures.